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ANAKRON MINIATURES STUDIO, Restock and New Accessory Kit

Anakron Miniatures Studio

tentacles accessory kit

Anakron Miniatures Studio recently restocked their complete line of miniatures and added a new tentacles accessory kit to their store.  Some of these restocked items have been out of print for a few years, so if you were wavering before now’s the time to pick them up.

Anakron Miniatures store

ANAKRON, Le Goelier de Cadwallon

Anakron recently shared this preview of his entry for a painting contest in France, “Le Gaelier of Cadwallon” (Jailer of Cadwallon).  This is a combination of stock Rackham models and some unique elements designed specifically for this piece (i.e. the tentacles).

Anakron’s work ceases to amaze me, and I wish him all the best at the contest.


Anakron Miniatures Studio has just released the Guide, previously featured here, and two sets of scenic accessories, skulls & bones and bottles.  All if these models are cast of high-quality resin.

The Guide retails for 10,00€, skulls & bones 6,00€, and bottles 4,00€.  That’s a great deal, if you ask me.  I’ve already placed an order for all three.

Be sure to visit the main AMS site for more information and lots of great articles and tutorials on the hobby, especially his video series, which is starting to include subtitles.

MANNIKIN STUDIOS, Bylot Painted by Anakron

Mannikin Studios has recently posted a painted version of Bylot, one of their first models, by Anakron.  From the announcement on their website:

David AYRAL (Anakron) of Anakron Miniatures Studio recently submitted these pictures of his stunning version of Bylot (glennling 1). We’re quite impressed by Anakron’s incredible display of skill, and humbled that he was inspired enough by the piece to bring it to life. Thank you, Anakron.

Bylot is one of the ghosts from Henry Hudson’s ill-fated crew that haunt the Catskill Mountains in Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle, and is included in our range of characters based on Arthur Rackham’s illustrations for the work. Bylot was sculpted by Anakron.

Visit Anakron’s gallery on Cool Mini or Not to cast your vote for his rendition of this model, and stop by Mannikin Studios to check out their growing catalog of miniatures.


Anakron Miniatures Studio just released a preview of their next signature model, Le Guide.  The sculpt measures 30mm to the eyes.  No word on when it will be available other than “soon.”  They’ll also be releasing two or three scenic basing elements as well.

I’m snatching up this model as soon as it’s available.  I’m not sure if this will be limited like past releases (I’ll ask), but traditionally AMS models have been limited to just 30 castings.  I’ll have an update on this as soon as I hear back from Mr. A.  In the meantime, enjoy the preview.

P.S.  Want to see more of Anakron’s work?  Be sure to check out Mannikin Studios and GCT Studios to add more of his fantastic sculpts to your collection.

NORSGARD, Oracle of Storms

Norsgard has just released a new model for their forthcoming game, Oracle of Storms (9.00 €).  The Oracle was sculpted by industry veteran Nicolas N’Guyen based on artwork by Nico Kopf.

Norsgard is made by the same people who published Sapphire Wars about a year or so ago.  I’m not sure what happened to the latter, but according to their Facebook page they’re still planning to release models and a game.  Between the handful of models produced for Sapphire Wars and the two made for Norsgard so far, I think the Oracle of Storms is by far their strongest concept, but then I’ve a bias for the artist’s work.

If you’ve never heard of Nico, you will.  He’s an up-and-comer in this industry with a promising future ahead of him.  To date Nico has done concept work for Norsgard, Anakron Miniatures Studio (Cartomancer, forthcoming), and Mannikin Studios (ogre mercenary, currently being sculpted), but expect this list to start growing soon.



Anakron Miniatures Studio launched a new website recently.

Anakron’s new website is a testament to his high standards for aesthetics, functionality, and design.  It’s a huge improvement over his last site, especially with respects to navigation (his famous tutorials, for example, are much more front and center now, and shouldn’t be missed).

There is a treasure trove of material on Anakron’s site, including links, galleries, and resources for painters and sculptors of all skill levels, but only for those with the highest regard for quality and presentation.

Don’t leave the Anakron Miniatures Studio site until you’ve thoroughly digested the repertoire of painted miniatures and sculpts on display, as it’s representative of some of the finest work in the industry.  More importantly, don’t forget to visit Anakron’s boutique to pick up some models from his studio range of miniatures.