• Confrontation 2.0
  • Confrontation 3.0
  • Confrontation 3.0 (basic)
  • Confrontation 3.5

5 responses to “Confrontation

  1. Your dedication to preserving Rackham’s legacy always brings a tear to my eye. I love your site.

    I have a question, too. Am I doing something wrong? Every time I try to view one of your PDF links, I’m taken to adobe’s ‘pay-per-view’ online PDF service and it doesn’t appear that I am allowed to view the files without paying for a subscription. Is that the case or am I just overlooking something simple?

  2. Under the Mountain

    I just tried to view all of the documents on this page, and didn’t encounter any problems. I’ve temporarily removed some files under the Cadwallon section however. Is that where you’re experiencing a problem?

  3. Does anyone have the metal Thalions for sale? Or the cards for Hybrid that came in the Cry Havoc Mag. A PDF scan would be great to.

  4. I would like to thank you for your kind efforts in collecting and publishing all these materials for those who still love the game and miniatures Rackham has made over the years.

    I would also like to kindly as if anybody has access to the pack of “event cards” issued for the Dogs of War game?
    It is a rarity in English and I guess there would be lot of thankful people if it would somehow become accessible on the Internet.

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