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PODCASTS, Game Classy 59: Aderpticon

Game Classy 59: Aderpticon

Planet Arbitrary has just released episode 59 of their increasingly popular podcast:

Joe is back from Adepticon (which isn’t that big of a deal since its 10 minutes from his house) and gives his “stank report”. Steve also defends his comments about competition painting, while our heroes discuss the new imp guard codex, Cards Against Humanity’s new contest, and the current malaise for gaming. All this and Steampunk Cthulhu Ponys.

PODCASTS, Game Classy 16: “Gen-Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan”

The latest installment of Game Classy is now available for download from Planet Arbitrary.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as our host record from Gencon. A lot gets covered including Fantasy Flight’s new round of games, Privateer Press’ limited editions, and the release of Shadows of Esteran. The two also talk about the sweet sweet competition in the air.

PODCASTS, Game Classy 15: “Battletech…Why?”

The latest episode of Game Classy is now available on the Planet Arbitrary website.  It’s a good thing, too, as I’ve indulged too much in the syndicated episodes.

Our hosts answer the age old question this week in regards to big robot games. They also debate the merits of “popular” board games. Oh yeah, and they roll off the winner of the big 2 player starter set for Warmachine!

I haven’t listened to this yet, but Steve tells me he answers some of my questions on Hackmaster, although they still haven’t gotten my name right.  Classic.

PODCASTS, Game Classy 14, Hobby Night

Planet Arbitrary has released the 14th episode of Game Classy, and not a moment too soon.  From their website:

A lot to talk about this week, but first be one of the first 100 people to like our Facebook page and you will automatically be in the running to win the two player Warmachine starter set.  In this episode our hosts discuss the finer points about gaming classy, why Steve is quitting Warhammer Fantasy ( for the 3rd time), and about some awesome kickstarters to blow some ducats on.

PODCASTS, Game Classy 13

The latest episode of Game Classy (13) is now available over at the Planet Arbitrary website.  In this installment, Steve and Joe discuss the latest incarnation of the 40k rule book, and in a sprint at the end touch on a few new releases in the past two weeks.  I’m not a fan of 40k, but theses guys kept me fully entertained for an hour nonetheless. Check it out.