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Steve Jackson GamesOgre Designer’s Edition far exceeded expectations in their Kickstarter drive.  SJG raised $923,680 USD, which is a far cry from their initial estimate of $20,000.  The project was funded at 4618% of its scoped cost, and was back by 5512 individuals (including UtM at $150).

Ogre Designer’s Edition is the 8th most funded project on Kickstarter and the highest ranking analog game project to date.  Kudos to Steve Jackson, his tireless crew, and all the backers for making this such an unprecedented success.

So begins the long wait until November.  Fortunately I have other anticipated products and personal projects to keep me busy in the meantime.

SJG, Ogre Designer’s Edition

Congratulations!  You are now an official backer of Ogre Designer’s Edition.

I think I first heard about this project two years ago; my interest was piqued immediately then, and I backed the project almost as soon as the Kickstarter announcement was made.

I never played the first edition of OGRE or any of its later incarnations, but was keenly aware of the game when I made my first steps into the hobby.  That was back in 1982; I was nine.  I was far more drawn to D&D, Grenadier and Ral Partha miniatures, and board games like Dragon Pass, Dragonhunt, Circvs Maximvs, and The Trojan War (the latter by the same publisher as OGRE, Metagaming Microgames).  I knew OGRE had a loyal following, but recall that I was strongly disappointed to find that the game had nothing to do with fantasy ogres.  I’m happy to say I’ve since shed such prejudices.