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JOEK MINIS, Emerald City Guards

JoeK Minis recently released three new models for their zO range of figures.  The models were sculpted by Bob Naismith and retail for £16.50 for the complete set.

JOEK MINIS, Good and Bad

JoeK Minis just released a couple great miniatures, Mr Good Axe and Mr Bad Axe.  From their announcement:

Both figures have been sculpted by the talented Matt Gubser, and I think will be an absolute blast to paint up! They both stand the usual sort of height for my figs, so you’re looking at the 32mm mark, but as you can see they’re chunky guys!

Agreed, these look like a lot of fun to paint.  Don’t get me wrong, I love gritty, detailed models; but more often than not I want to enjoy painting for its own sake rather than make completing successive pieces a personal and technical challenge of some sort.  That would explain my massive collection of Reaper models, and my current Nick Lund orc/goblin project.

Nice release, Joe.

JOEK MINIS, New Website and Acquired Range

JoeK Minis has just announced a major overhaul to their website and the acquisition of Steve Buddle’s zO range of miniatures.  From their announcement:

Hopefully, some of you will have seen the small upgrades to the website, and seen the picture below showing a few new figures! Well, I’m going to elaborate a little bit for you. The six figures you saw on the site (and down below) form the ‘zO’ range of figures originally sculpted a while back by Steve Buddle (of Eolith/Spyglass fame, and now a full time sculptor for GW). When Steve closed down Eolith he started selling off the rights to his ranges, and the zO range was one which I really wanted. I absolutely adore the figures, and think they’re some of the best things Steve has done.

I own a few JoeK Minis.  They offer a very unique range of characters, and the quality of their resin and casts is superb.  JoeK has also been fortunate with the sculptors they’ve been able to commission for their own models, including some of the big names in the industry.  I can’t wait to see what else they have planned for the coming year.

Be sure to visit the JoeK Minis website to see their complete range of available models, and sign up for their newsletter to stay informed on releases while you’re there.