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MECHA, MC2 France / Tetraedge

Andrew May, one of the crafty miniatures sleuths that frequent Frothers, came upon some interesting information, today, on Pascal Blanche’s Deviant Art page.  Regarding the image above, Pascal wrote:

a design i made for a game company ( MC2 France / Tetraedge ) with Jean bey one year ago. Unfortunatly the project stopped, but we had great fun creating it.The model was designed to become a70mm figurine with removable/customisable parts. the prototype you see there has been printed by the talented guys @ moddler. The end result was pretty detailed considering the size .

This is a surprise.  I’ve known for about three years that Jean Bey was developing a new miniatures game of some sort, but assumed it fizzled and died and never dreamed anything like this would surface one day.  Now that I’ve seen this model, I think it’s a shame it will never go to production.  I’m not really interested in mechas, but this is a wonderful piece.

For those of you who don’t know, Jean Bey was the infamous creative director that many blame for Rackham’s demise.  I’ve heard lots of stories, but wasn’t there myself; I’m decidedly neutral on the subject, and there my opinions shall rest.

Say, Speaking of Andrew May, have you seen his cloud giant for Otherworld?