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Anakron Miniatures Studio launched a new website recently.

Anakron’s new website is a testament to his high standards for aesthetics, functionality, and design.  It’s a huge improvement over his last site, especially with respects to navigation (his famous tutorials, for example, are much more front and center now, and shouldn’t be missed).

There is a treasure trove of material on Anakron’s site, including links, galleries, and resources for painters and sculptors of all skill levels, but only for those with the highest regard for quality and presentation.

Don’t leave the Anakron Miniatures Studio site until you’ve thoroughly digested the repertoire of painted miniatures and sculpts on display, as it’s representative of some of the finest work in the industry.  More importantly, don’t forget to visit Anakron’s boutique to pick up some models from his studio range of miniatures.


Awesome Architecture

The Loyalist

The Loyalist

Truly amazing, inspiriational work.  Some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Click on the image to be transported to Jeff’s gallery to see more.  (Brace yourself!)

TH Miniatures, NMM Formulas

TH Miniatures, in English and French

TH Miniatures, in English and French

I discovered TH Miniatures a few years ago, when I was really into Rackham miniatures and ready to take my painting skills to the next level.

THM has not posted an update to the site in the past year, and I’m not sure how much longer they will be around.  In the meantime, other than the gallery of beautifully painted models, I highly recommend the page on NMM formulas.  I made a backup copy for myself, just in case the site disappears, and plan to ask the owner about hosting a duplicate page here.

The AwesomePaintJob Web site

The AwesomePaintJob Web site

There’s some good stuff going on here.  Click on the image to check out their site (there’re some great tutorials and videos on the hobby).

Chambers of Miniatures

Do yourself a favor: check out the work housed at the Chambers of Miniatures (don’t forget to look in the archive).  Beautiful stuff.

I learned of Regiment Games and their drantakh figures via CofM.  Thanks, roadrunner!