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COPPLESTONE CASTINGS, Rolls-Royce 1920 Armoured Car

Copplestone Castings K30 Rolls-Royce 1920 Armoured Car

Download the painting guide for Copplestone Castings‘ Rolls-Royce 1920 Armoured Car in Letter and A4 formats.  And if you’re so inclined, please vote on my model here.

IMBRIAN ARTS, BD6s Dwarf and Drunks

Imbrian Arts Beer & D6s dwarf

Imbrian Arts recently published rules for a simple miniatures drinking game titled Beer & D6s and some miniatures to go with it.  I’m not much of a gamer myself, but the models were so full of character that I snatched them up immediately after their release.  (I’m also a sucker for any sculpt born from the mind and hands of Jody SIEGEL, but that goes without saying.)

Imbrian Arts Beer and D6s dwarf and drunks

The dwarf (left) and leg/torso options for the drunks

Featured here are a few models from the B&D6s range, namely the dwarf (see a close up here) and the drunks (above, below).  The castings are flawless, thanks in part to the way Jody casts these (single-part mold), and the resin is high quality.  The resin is also soft enough to be forgiving of minor twists and bends, so they should be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of a gaming table, should that be how you intend to use them.

Imbrian Arts Beer & D6s drunks' heads

Head options for the BD6s drunks by Imbrian Arts

On another note, for those of you who may not have noticed, this is the reintroduction of my grid backdrop, which I traditionally used to present photos of miniatures straight from the box for review purposes.  Expect to see more of such photos in the future.  What I feature will probably be pretty random at first, but I’ll try to work out a schedule of sorts in the coming months.  For the time being, I hope these photos help some of you with making a decision about these miniatures, introduce you to something new, or even just resolve some lingering questions you may have had about the models.

KICKSTARTER, Backing the Underdogs

I’m currently backing three projects on Kickstarter: Shadows of Esteren: Tuath, COUNTERBLAST, and World of Twilight: Travels through Anyaral.  None of these are mainstream brands, but based on the quality of their products and design alone they should be more well known than they are.

Shadows of Esteren is the most successful of this group.  With three very successful Kickstarters under their belt, the Esteren team has built up a reputable brand and can rely on a strong customer base to propel their projects along at this point.  I don’t foresee myself ever having time to actually play this RPG, but as an example of artistic design and deeply imaginative world-building, it has few contenders.  In many ways it reminds me of the efforts Rackham put into similar products when they were still leaders of the avant-garde in this industry.

COUNTERBLAST.  My preferences in miniatures have always been eclectic.  I don’t obsess about a particular scale, probably because I rarely  game, and I’ve never been particular about a single genre over the others.  In recent years, however, I’ve noticed a growing trend toward historicals, pulp, and more old-school flavors.  I’ve also started moving away from highly detailed miniatures in favor of models that are simpler in design.  Currently, for example, I’m working on some Copplestone Back of Beyond and High Adventure models, a Crusader Miniatures Carthaginian army, Warlord Soviets, Flames of War Soviets, Gripping Beast/Ebob Normans, and Baueda Vikings for DBA.  COUNTERBLAST appealed to me in part due to its apparent influence from Star Frontiers, which scratches a nostalgic itch, but also the simple yet characterful designs of the models, something that also distinguishes some of the models noted above.

COUNTERBLAST - Miniatures Game -- Kicktraq Mini

World of Twilight.  I first encountered Mike Thorp’s work when he won a sculpting contest on Frothers for his unique Traveling Court of the Brownie King model.  I’ve been following his related Twilight project ever since.  I was lucky to get one of the old Twilight starter kits when they were still available from Hasslefree, and have collected the odd model from his range from time to time.  The Twilight Kickstarter has rekindled my interest in a big way, and I count myself lucky that I got in at the early bird level.

World of Twilight
World Of Twilight: Travels through Anyaral -- Kicktraq Mini

PODCASTS, Game Glassy 56: “XTREME GAMING!!!”

Game Classy 56

The latest episode of Game Glassy is ready for your listening pleasure.

Joe and Steve push it to the maxxxxx 90′s style this week as they cover explosions, energy drinks, and male beach volleyball. Well, actually they talk a lot of kickstarters including Arcadia Quest, Super Dungeon Explore, Vikings, Minotaurs, and T5 terrain.  All this and Steve loses it over some meeples.  P.S. T2: Judgement Day isn’t very Good.

RED BOX GAMES, Norse Warriors Kickstarter

Red Box Games Norse Warriors on Kickstarter

Red Box GamesNorse Warriors Kickstarter is down to the final hours at this point.  This is definitely break the 10k mark this evening, but I’d love to see this end at least in the neighborhood of $15,000.  It is an incredible deal for six models by one of the industries most talented artists; and your contribution will ensure that more of the same will follow.

SJG, Ogre Designer’s Edition

Congratulations!  You are now an official backer of Ogre Designer’s Edition.

I think I first heard about this project two years ago; my interest was piqued immediately then, and I backed the project almost as soon as the Kickstarter announcement was made.

I never played the first edition of OGRE or any of its later incarnations, but was keenly aware of the game when I made my first steps into the hobby.  That was back in 1982; I was nine.  I was far more drawn to D&D, Grenadier and Ral Partha miniatures, and board games like Dragon Pass, Dragonhunt, Circvs Maximvs, and The Trojan War (the latter by the same publisher as OGRE, Metagaming Microgames).  I knew OGRE had a loyal following, but recall that I was strongly disappointed to find that the game had nothing to do with fantasy ogres.  I’m happy to say I’ve since shed such prejudices.


Anakron Miniatures Studio launched a new website recently.

Anakron’s new website is a testament to his high standards for aesthetics, functionality, and design.  It’s a huge improvement over his last site, especially with respects to navigation (his famous tutorials, for example, are much more front and center now, and shouldn’t be missed).

There is a treasure trove of material on Anakron’s site, including links, galleries, and resources for painters and sculptors of all skill levels, but only for those with the highest regard for quality and presentation.

Don’t leave the Anakron Miniatures Studio site until you’ve thoroughly digested the repertoire of painted miniatures and sculpts on display, as it’s representative of some of the finest work in the industry.  More importantly, don’t forget to visit Anakron’s boutique to pick up some models from his studio range of miniatures.