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RED BOX GAMES, Norse Warriors Kickstarter

Red Box Games Norse Warriors on Kickstarter

Red Box GamesNorse Warriors Kickstarter is down to the final hours at this point.  This is definitely break the 10k mark this evening, but I’d love to see this end at least in the neighborhood of $15,000.  It is an incredible deal for six models by one of the industries most talented artists; and your contribution will ensure that more of the same will follow.

STONE COLD LEAD, RBG Aenglish Footmen

Stone Cold Lead recently posted pictures of their beautiful renditions of the Aenglish footmen from Red Box Games.

RED BOX GAMES, HelsVakt Horde Kickstarter Campaign

Red Box Games has just started their first Kickstarter campaign.  I’ve been waiting for this ever since Tre started intimating at his intentions in conversations and a few posts over on Frothers.  Tre’s work impressed me the moment I first discovered his sculpts four or five years ago, for Reaper and later his own company.  I jumped on board this Kickstarter the moment I learned it was finally live (supporter #9).

Never heard of TrollCast?  You can learn more from this video or by visiting the Troll Forged Miniatures website.  I have some of their models made from this material, and I’m as convinced as Tre about the quality of the product.  This is a smart move for RBG, and I wish them all the best of luck.

RED BOX GAMES, May 2012 Releases

Gynnade Krigare

Red Box Games just announced their most impressive release ever. From their announcement (unedited to preserve Tre’s unique voice):

Well guys at long last the first wave of the HelsVakt Expansion are up for pre-order. Believe me I have been just as anxious to get these out as you guys have been to have them available. This has been a REALLY logn road and I am very glad to be within reach of the ( hopefully ) happy end of it. There is still much much more in store; modular hordesmen, Shield maidens, Archers, characters and yes of course CAVALRY!!! I really hope you guys like what I have ready thus far.

In addition to the HelsVakt Fenris and Infernal Nether Beast, this release includes Yrsa the Accursed (remember the older version from two years ago: IMAGE), Belegast the Bloodthristy, Varp Krigare, PLUS modular bits from these models and limited resin versions.

Yrsa the Accursed

Varp Krigare

On Yrsa, Sebastian Archer wrote, “Yrsa is great – cool to see a muscley athletic chick (that actually looks like a female still!) rather than the usual sexpot bodies.”  Indeed.  I think it’s a positive expression of the direction this industry is taking, that we’re seeing more and more “studies” of anatomy (Thank you, Alan C!).  Enough with the creeping neo-Victorianism that has (largely) plagued the sensibilities of artists and manufacturers in this industry to date.  Accurate portrayal of the body was a mission of da Vinci (and so many others) in the past, and I’m absolutely delighted that miniatures sculptors are picking up the torch.  I have zero interest in gratuitous displays of swelling mammary and pendulous cock.  But as for unabashed displays of the body when character demands it–go for it!

Thank you, Tre.   Follow your instincts, and continue to excel.

RED BOX GAMES, HelsVakt Fenris and Infernal Nether Beast 1

Tre Manor of Red Box Games has just posted previews of two beasts included in their next scheduled release.  Both models should be available in about two weeks (pending confirmation from the caster).

The Fenris beast (top) is the first strong competition I’ve seen for Tom Meier’s giant wolves (stalking, baying); I actually think Tre has outdone Tom with this sculpt.  I hope more are coming, as one of these will not be enough.

According to Tre, the Nether Beast shown here is just one of three in development (the other two are about 95 and 50 percent done).  As it’s rather massive (that’s a 40mm base it’s standing on), the sculpt will be cast in resin.

For the past four years I’ve been looking for proper mounts for an old-school goblin/ogre/orc/troll/giant army I’ve been working on, and you can’t imagine my elation when I saw the Nether Beast and learned there were two more in the pipe.  Part lizard, part bull, hints of dragon, a dash of human anatomy, built for speed on the back and strength on the front–perfect!

I’m ordering these as soon as they are available (plus several other models on my RBG to-buy list).  Expect a review sometime soon.

RED BOX GAMES, Belegast the Bloodthirsty

Red Box Games recently previewed a new sculpt from their forthcoming Helsvakt Expansion, Belegast the Bloodthirsty.

This is by far one of Tre’s most technical sculpts, but also one of his most successful.  My RBG to-buy list is starting to get long again.  I wonder if I can hold out until the cavalry come along?

RED BOX GAMES, New Website

Red Box Games has just launch a new website, and it’s a huge improvement.  Kudos to Tre, et al, for keeping the design simple, smooth, elegant, and smart.  The new logo is much more fitting as well, blending perfectly with the aesthetics of the world Tre is building.  Test drive the site, pick up some beautiful models, and support one of the most respected companies in the industry.