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PODCASTS, Game Classy 12

The latest episode of Game Classy, “Kickstart It,” is now available to download or stream over at the Planet Arbitrary website.

Steve loses his shit over Kings of War. Is it a flavor of the month, or can it take on Warhammer? Also we get to hear an update about D&D Next.

I’m delighted to find others intrigued by the Mantic project as much as I am.  I think it’s a sign of aging, however, and the dwindling free time that comes with it.  Don’t tell Steve and Joe that I said that, though. 😉

PODCASTS, Game Classy 11, “How Much is that Digital Download?”

The latest installment of Game Classy is now available over at Planet Arbitrary.  It’s about time, too, as I was starting to display symptoms of withdrawal since the last episode.

Game Classy is a lighthearted and terribly entertaining podcast on all things gaming.  I encourage everyone to try it out at least once.