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KICKSTARTER, Dwarven Forge’s Caverns

Dwarven Forge's Caverns
I couldn’t resist. I’m in for three sets. Learn more about the Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter here.


OG7 - Ogre Mage

Otherworld Miniatures has just uploaded painted versions of some of their latest releases.

All of these were painted by the very talented Mr. Andrew Taylor.

You can purchase these models from the Otherworld online store now.  Click on an image to be taken to the corresponding section of their catalog.

DR1 - Drow Warriors I

DU1 - Duergar Warriors I

HH1b - Expedition Mule II (equipment)

WE5c - Lizard King

WE17b - Giant Snake (constrictor)

WE17c - Giant Snake (amphisbaena)

WE18 - Manticore


Otherworld Miniatures, vouchers

Otherworld has recently implemented a voucher program to help fund a move to larger facilities:

Otherworld Miniatures is on the move! The business has now outgrown the facilities that I have available at home, and I’m hoping to move into new, dedicated business premises in the next few months. However, this move will be fairly costly, and I need to raise some funds to make this possible.

So, for the next few weeks, in a scheme shamelessly plagiarised from Hasslefree, I will be making vouchers available to customers of Otherworld Miniatures. Three different vouchers will be available.

1) Bronze Voucher – This will cost £50.00, and will be redeemable for £65.00 of Otherworld Miniatures.
2) Silver Voucher – This will cost £100.00, and will be redeemable for £140.00 of Otherworld Miniatures.
3) Gold Voucher – This will cost £200.00, and will be redeemable for £300.00 of Otherworld Miniatures.

In addition, each voucher buyer will receive a free figure which will be produced in the summer of 2010. It will be a variant model of the DM6 – Minotaur, wearing armour and wielding a spear. It will go on sale at a later date, but voucher holders will receive master castings (which will be marked on the packaging).

Vouchers will be valid until 1st April 2011, and may be spent in small portions, or as large purchases. Alternatively, a voucher may be used as a standing order to pay for all subsequent new releases until the voucher is used up.

To spend a voucher, or part of it, the holder will need to place an order by email, rather than using the usual webstore checkout system.

Vouchers may be purchased in the Otherworld Miniatures webstore until 31st March 2010. Vouchers are limited to a maximum of 2 per person, and may not be used in conjunction with other special offers or sales.

Otherworld, more greens for March release

Again, this news is a tad old, but worth reporting nonetheless, as the release date is just around the corner (on or around 10 March 2010).  I mentioned the rust monsters in an earlier post.  Other models scheduled for release at the same time include:

DM19 - Giant Slug - sculpted by Nick Genovese

DM20 - Roper - sculpted by John Pickford (note: arms positioned for casting purposes)

DD5 - Bone Devil - sculpted by Paul Muller

WE6a - Faerie Folk I (4) - sculpted by Andrew Rae

All items are currently available for preorder at the Otherworld Web site.

Otherworld, new models painted by Andrew Taylor

Despite being a huge fan of Otherworld (with a large and growing collection), I don’t feature announcements about their new products and painted samples enough.  I’m going to make a conscious effort to remedy that.

These were uploaded a few days ago, and might be old news for some of you.  Regardless, enjoy!

WE4a & WE4b - Giant Lizards

WE5a - Lizardman Warriors I

GB2 - Goblin Warriors II

GB3 - Goblin Warriors III

Rust Monsters from Otherworld

DM18 - Rust Monsters (2) - sculpted by John Pickford

Richard from Otherworld Miniatures writes:

They should be available around mid-March. They will each be cast as 4 seperate pieces (body, tail, 2 x antennae) although the smaller pieces may be sprued. They’ll be supplied with 30mm round bases, as pictured  Dimensions are:  Length, beak to rump – 25mm approx Length of tail – 30mm approx Length of antennae – 30mm approx

D&D Retro Clones

(Image taken from To the Blogmobile!)

RetroRoleplaying and To the Blogmobile! are home to some of the best sources of information on the Web about retro clones of old Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games.  Be sure to check out the following articles, if you’re interested:

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