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Micro Art Studio, makers of Discworld miniatures and fine resin bases, among other popular products, recently announced the dissolution of their partnership.  From the main page of the Micro Art Studio store:

As you may (or may not know) Micro Art Studio is a mutual property of Grzegorz Tomaszewski and Sebastian Makowski. Since in the last time they didn’t get well with each other a decision to split the company has been made. Due to this fact by the end of June Micro Art Studio will be split into two separate companies.

The one ran by Sebastian Makowski will retain Micro Art Studio name, website, facebook account and license rights to Discworld, Infinity and Wolsung brands.
The one ran by Grzegorz Tomaszewski will have new website, new name – Basicks and will retain many patterns of bases and convertion parts.

The full list of changes may be found here:

Soon, all of the items owned now by Mr Tomaszewski will be removed from Micro Art Studio store and will be available on his website. Orders made until Saturday 30th of June will be processed normally.

Please do bookmark this websites:
Grzegorz Tomaszewski’s Basicks –
Sebastian Makowski’s Micro Art Studio –

Best regards,
Micro Art Studio Team
Basicks Team

Breakups like this are painful to learn about, and I hope they find a way to resolve their differences at some point down the road.  In the meantime, I wish them all the best and nothing but success in their new private ventures.

COMPANY LINKS, Bederken and MadFly

I’ve added links in the COMPANIES column on the left For Bederken Miniatures, MadFly Miniatures, and MadFly Bases.

Administrative Update, 27 February 2011

I’ve just added several companies to the appropriate section in the column on the right.  Some of the companies I neglected to add long ago (sorry, Victoria and D. Forge), others are older companies I discovered only recently, many are new.  I’m continually amazed by how many companies there are now–and more are on the way.

Spanish Inquisition (Victoria Miniatures)

Anakron Miniatures Studio, sculpting a wooden door

Anakron recently uploaded another fantastic video as part of the Free Tutorial Movement, this one on sculpting a worn wooden door with metal fixtures.  The door can be made with a combination of green stuff (duro) and Fimo or Super Sculpey.  Be sure to check it out.

I’m always impressed by how easy Anakron makes this sort of thing look.  It’s  a real treat to see such talent at work and on display.

Anakron Miniatures Studio, base tutorial

Anakron recently uploaded an excellent video tutorial for making simple yet highly effective bases for 28mm miniatures.  Click on the image to view the video on his homepage.  And while you’re there, be sure to check out his other offerings, including a variety of hobby tips and a stunning range of extremely limited (only 30 castings per model) resin miniatures.

One word of caution: the video is in French.   That being said, it is so well made that you shouldn’t have any trouble following his instructions.

Anakron recently acquired a special camera mount to make video tutorials of this sort, so you can expect more of the same in the future from one of the industry’s most talented artists.

EDIT: Anakron has kindly shared his paint formulas used in this tutorial.  You should have no trouble substituting similar colors from other brands, should you be so inclined. Don’t forget to check Color Match over at Silicon Dragon when in doubt.

– Dark grey: Prince August 867 Blue Gray
– Medium gray: Prince August Games G50 Cold Gray
– White: White

– Dark green: Vallejo Game Color 028 Dark Green
– Light green: Prince August Games G31 Green Camouflage

– Dark Brown: Prince August 822 German Camouflage
– Medium Brown: Prince August 819 Iraqi Sand
– Light Brown: Prince August 837 Light Sand


Plants shown at the end of the tutorial were made using the following:

Grass: static grass, which can be found at any good hobby shop.

Dry desert plants: zeechium, which can also be found at most hobby shops.

Green plants were made using a product called erica foam, which might be available at a local hobby shop, but may require some searching online to locate.  Here is a link to the manufacturer (in French): LINK

Skullcrafts, Basing Materials and Kits

Click on the image to be teleported to the Skullcraft site

Click on the image to be teleported to the Skullcraft site

I haven’t purchased anything from Skullcrafts yet; but when I need basing supplies, I’m going to give them a try.  They seem to be doing everything right.

UPDATE: I’m definitely buying a kit after seeing this video review.