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KICKSTARTER, Dwarven Forge’s Caverns

Dwarven Forge's Caverns
I couldn’t resist. I’m in for three sets. Learn more about the Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter here.

ANAKRON MINIATURES STUDIO, Restock and New Accessory Kit

Anakron Miniatures Studio

tentacles accessory kit

Anakron Miniatures Studio recently restocked their complete line of miniatures and added a new tentacles accessory kit to their store.  Some of these restocked items have been out of print for a few years, so if you were wavering before now’s the time to pick them up.

Anakron Miniatures store

RED BOX GAMES, Norse Warriors Kickstarter

Red Box Games Norse Warriors on Kickstarter

Red Box GamesNorse Warriors Kickstarter is down to the final hours at this point.  This is definitely break the 10k mark this evening, but I’d love to see this end at least in the neighborhood of $15,000.  It is an incredible deal for six models by one of the industries most talented artists; and your contribution will ensure that more of the same will follow.

IMBRIAN ARTS, Basilisk/Cockatrice

Purchase the Basilisk from the Imbrian Arts store

The Basilisk

Imbrian Arts released today the next model made possible in part by backers of their first Kickstarter campaign.  Behold the Basilisk.  In a post on Frothers, Jody SIEGEL, owner and lead sculptor for Imbrian, described his “[f]reaky dinosaur loin cloth wearing bird man” creation as something of a “a middle evolutionary step between dinosaur and bird.”  I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it’s unique concepts like this that set Jody’s work above and beyond a lot of traditional fantasy fare.

The Basilisk measures 45mm to the tip of the wings, and comes with an alternate head (see concept art below) allowing one to build the Cockatrice variant of the beast.

The Basilisk concept art

Basilisk concept art with alternate Cockatrice head

ANAKRON, Le Goelier de Cadwallon

Anakron recently shared this preview of his entry for a painting contest in France, “Le Gaelier of Cadwallon” (Jailer of Cadwallon).  This is a combination of stock Rackham models and some unique elements designed specifically for this piece (i.e. the tentacles).

Anakron’s work ceases to amaze me, and I wish him all the best at the contest.

STONE COLD LEAD, RBG Aenglish Footmen

Stone Cold Lead recently posted pictures of their beautiful renditions of the Aenglish footmen from Red Box Games.

TWILIGHT, Eragu Warrior

Twilight recently offered this preview of their Eragu warrior and news of releases on the horizon.  From their announcement:

It’s been quiet over the summer, but I’ve got a bit of a backlog of new Twilight releases that I’m going to be showing off over the next few weeks.

The first is from a new little line of miniatures we are doing looking at random races from across Anyaral (the world in which Twilight is set). He is an Eragu warrior, from a race of Fubarnii who live on the frozen coasts to the North West of the Empire. They are occasionally seen as mercenaries in militias across the Empire, towering over their southern cousins. This sculpt showcases the talents of two new World of Twilight artists, with Andrew May providing the sculpting talents and Joe Karame showing off his skills with a brush.

He’s going to be released as a resin cast initially, but will eventually make his way into the main range.

I’ve always been a fan of Twilight.  I bought their largest starter set a while ago, but haven’t gotten around to it quite yet.  (Fatherhood and a busy day job will do that.)  I remain, however, an ardent fan and follower of the project.  It’s been a treat watching their range grow over the years, and I hope the future brings them nothing but more exposure and greater success.