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Otherworld Troll, WIP

Under the Mountain 17 October 2009 5626Under the Mountain 17 October 2009 5628Under the Mountain 17 October 2009 5629Under the Mountain 17 October 2009 5632

This is a WIP of Otherworld Miniature’s Troll I.  I still have some work to do on the face and a few stages of glaze to add, but it’s largely complete.  I’ll fill the seem between the plastic base and scenic base plate with green stuff and putty before finalizing this piece.

One of my favorite miniatures as a child was the troll from the Grenadier Denizens of the Swamp box set, so I was elated when I first discovered the Otherworld trolls (there are two) a while ago.  I have two Troll I and one Troll II models, and look forward to seeing the completed set on my shelf.

More Great Terrain Projects, LotR

Bywater Mill

The Bywater Mill, by MacGothmog

The Buckland Brewery, by TheBucklandBrewer

The Buckland Brewery, by TheBucklandBrewer

Both of these are featured as tutorial threads over at The One Ring.  You can check them out by clicking on the images above.

Lineup of Major D&D Races à la Grenadier

Some of the D&D races from Grenadier via Mega Miniatures

Some of the D&D races from Grenadier via Mega Miniatures

I thought this might be useful: a lineup featuring some of the major races from my recent MM order,   (from the left) a half-orc, human, elf, human female, dwarf, gnome, and halfling.  I hope that some of you find this useful and informative.  Cheers!

Lineups of More Grenadier from MM

Fighter, half-orc, ranger, dwarf, and thief

Fighter, half-orc, ranger, dwarf, and thief

0908 Fighter with Sword
0872 Half Orc (Guthrie)
0928 Elven Ranger
0903 Dwarf Adventurer
0905 Female Sneak Thief

Assassin, dwarf, wizard, elf, and fighter

Assassin, dwarf, wizard, elf, and fighter

0829 Assassin (Guthrie)
0860 Dwarf Hero
0904 Wizard Adventurer
0816 Elf Fighter
0864 Fighter in Plate

Ranger, weapon master, elf, druid, and a gnome on the end

Ranger, weapon master, elf, druid, and a gnome on the end

0805 Ranger with Bow
0828 Weapon Master (Guthrie)
0858 Elven Warrior
0863 Druid (Guthrie)
0833 Gnome (Guthrie)

Interested parties can pick these up from Mega Miniatures’ eBay store here.

The First Lineup

Grenadier Recasts from Mega Miniatures

Grenadier Recasts from Mega Miniatures

Here are five of the Grenadier recasts I received in a recent order from Mega Miniatures, about which I briefly wrote in an earlier post.  More specifically, from the left:

0910 Cleric Casting
0933 Dwarf with Crossbow (Guthrie)
0960 Elven General
0931 Royal Paladin
0918 Halfling Adventurer

I hope my little studio adequately conveys the size of these miniatures (true 25mm goodness) and the quality of the castings (excellent).  That sentiment holds true for everything I plan to feature here over the coming months (years?).  Indeed, one of the impetuses behind this site is to provide, once and for all, good pictures that accurately demonstrate the size and casting quality of models.  I also have a laundry list of comparisons between miniatures from various manufacturers that I’d like to feature, especially at the 10mm and 15mm scales.  Stay tuned!


The rough core of my northern warhost.

The rough core of my northern war host.

The idea for this blog came to me a few months ago, but I’ve restrained from starting it until now so that I could finish a number of higher priorities.  Per one of the motivating factors behind this blog, I also thought it might be a good experiment to wait until shortly after New Year’s Day to start posting.

I was swamped with work last year and didn’t have much time to paint.  But I think if I had managed my time a little differently, I could have squeezed some more minutes out of the day to devote to my hobby.  I decided that what I needed was a plan.  I needed a schedule and a goal (or two) to keep me on track.  Also, since I am out of practice, I felt that I wanted to try a different style for at least one of my projects (28mm), something quicker and easier.  The Foundry painting system codified in Kevin Dallimore’s Foundry Miniatures Painting and Modeling Guide (I’m about to order my own copy) seemed well suited for what I had in mind.  Finally, I wanted something of a retro feel to this project, if not simply because that aesthetic is especially appealing to me now.

With this in mind, at the end of the summer I placed a large order with Mirliton in Italy.  I bought almost their entire range of goblins and hobgoblins + a few trial orcs to flesh out the primary regiments in my winter-themed war host.  I’ve primed and based the initial batch of models in a way that I hope is generic enough to work with most game systems (although I doubt I’ll ever have time to play).  I’ll start painting these using a modified version of the Foundry/impasto painting scheme on Monday, 5 January.  I’ve got a number of ideas for this army, which I will post here over the coming days.  (I should also take a moment to mention that my inspiration for this army is the WitchHunter’s Norse Army.  Beautiful stuff.)

I also want to make great strides with my 10mm Middle-earth project this year.  I initially started chronicling this over at The Last Alliance.  However, for a variety of reasons that I will not go into here, I have decided that is not the forum for projects of this nature.  I hope to finish painting roughly thirty boxes of Copplestone 10mm miniatures this year, beginning with the “Rohan” cavalry.  About half of my goal is primed and ready to go.

Finally, I’ll be using this blog as a traditional blog from time to time, meaning that I intend to comment on things I find in the Web related to the miniatures hobby as a whole.