Wolfen of Yllia

In the forest of Diisha one can hear dreadful howls.  Every night they greet the appearance of the moon, but those that howl in this way are not simply animals…

Who has awakened the old fears buried deep in the heart of men?  Who has given a shape to their most terrifying legends?

For on Aarklash the wolves walk upright and the whole world is their hunting ground.


In the age when the gods still walked on Aarklash, the goddess Moon gave her blessing to the most powerful of the wolves.  He became the First-Born, the ancestor of the noble and savage race of the Wolfen.

Ages have passed.  Whole empires have been founded and have fallen into oblivion.  Vain warlords fight amongst themselves for their few lines in the annals of history.  But the Wolfen have remained faithful to the eternal cycle of nature that has made them the continent’s greatest predators.

Alas, the age of the Rag’narok has befallen Aarklash, bringing with it the corruption of Darkness and the promise of a war without mercy.  Anger consumes the heart of the Wolfen and obscures their pure soul.  The war packs are growing in number.  Those who once fought for domination now struggle for the very survival of their race.


  • Asgarh, Pack Leader (Asgarh, chef de meute)
  • WFCH03
  • Note: Living Legend
  • Note: Living Legend Champion

Under the pale glow of the moon, Yllia’s Faithful have returned their verdict: ho who will see his fate sealed to the Sacred Arms of Yllia is Asgarh, the Pack Leader of the Dark Waters.  A ruthless fighter and a war lord feared far beyond Diisha, he is the Chosen, the one who will lead the Wolfen’s enemies to the lethal arms of Death.


  • Ashan’Tyr
  • WFSP04
  • Note: Limited Edition – 5000 (French)
  • Note: Wolfen Champion

Grave Guardian 1

  • Grave Guardian 1 (Gardien des Sépultures 1)
  • WFSP03

Grave Guardian 2

  • Grave Guardian 2 (Gardien des Sépultures 1)
  • WFSP07

Mail-order Grave Guardian

  • Grave Guardian 3 (Gardien des Sépultures 3)
  • WFCU01
  • Note: Mail-order Exclusive

Guardian of the Runes

  • Guardian of the Runes (Gardien des Runes)
  • WFMG01
  • Note: Wolfen Warrior-monk
  • Note: Warrior-monk (Devout)

Agyar the Unyielding

Kaëliss the Silent

Lykaï the Freed

Saphyr, Wolfen Lonewolf

  • The Howling Pack (La Meute Hurlante)
  • WFBC01
  • Characters: Agyar the Unyielding (Champion), Kaëliss the Silent (Daïkinee Elf Champion), Lykaï the Freed (Champion), Saphyr, Wolfen Lonewolf (Warrior-mage Initiate Champion)
  • Note: Wolfen Clan

In the winding streets of Cadwallon the name of the Howling Pack is mentioned with dread.  This brotherhood unites exiles, pariahs that were forced to leave their people.  The bonds that now link these solitary warriors have become stronger than those of blood.  One might think them weakened by city life, but this is not so.  The vice and crime that rule over the City of Thieves haven’t corrupted these savage creatures, and they haven’t renounced their ferocity nor their devotion to Yllia.

Irix the Fury

  • Irix the Fury (Irix la Furie)
  • WFMA03
  • Note: Wolfen Adept

Irix the Sybil

  • Irix the Sybil (Irix la Sybille)
  • WFMA01
  • Note: Wolfen Initiate
  • Note: special edition

Irix, Ultimate Edition

  • Irix, Ultimate Edition
  • WFMA04


  • Kassar the Fugitive (Kassar le Fugitif)
  • WFAV01
  • Note: Adventurer
  • Note: Wolfen/Devourer Champion


  • Killyox, Pack Leader (Killyox, chef de meute)
  • WFCH01
  • Note: Predator Champion

Killyox is one of the most feared and respected Pack Leaders of Diisha and none would dare oppose this terrifying warrior.  Some claim, however, that he has lost Yllia’s favours and has left his brethren.  Be he a pack leader who imposes his authority by force or a pariah on the paths of exile, Killyox nevertheless remains a predator of unequalled ferocity…  It’s up to you to choose his identity.

Lonewolf 1

  • Lonewolf 1 (Solitaire Wolfen 1)
  • WFGM01
  • Note: Wolfen Warrior-mage
  • Note: Warrior-mage (Initiate)

Lonewolf 2

  • Lonewolf 2 (Solitaire Wolfen 2)
  • WFGM02
  • Note: Wolfen Warrior-mage
  • Note: Warrior-mage (Initiate)


  • Onyx the Prowler (Onyx le Rôdeur)
  • WFCH02
  • Note: Champion
  • Note: Wolfen Warrior Champion
  • Note: Great Fang Champion

Ophyr the Guardian

  • Ophyr the Guardian (Ophyr le Gardien)
  • WFMA02
  • Note: Wolfen Adept
  • Note: Champion (Adept)

Predators of Blood

  • Predators of Blood, Fangs of the Moon-Goddess (Prédateurs Sanglants, Les Crocs de la Déesse-Lune)
  • WFBE01, WFBO01
  • Note: Includes Sylvan Animae (Immortal of Eternity)

A long time ago the sacred spirits of the Forest of Red Oaks made a pact with the moon-goddess’s terrifying children, the Wolfen.  In exchange for their protection, the Immortals of Destiny gave them their power!  In the Age of Rag’Narok their alliance is submitted to the tests of war and corruption.  It does not matter if death is claiming its due: the Predators still prowl the forest reddened by the blood of their enemies…

Syriak the Intrepid

  • Syriak the Intrepid (Syriak l’Intrépide)
  • WFFI01
  • Note: Wolfen Devout
  • Note: Champion (Devout)


  • Varghar
  • WFCH04
  • Note: Limited Edition

The Watcher

The Watcher (updated and painted with Rackham paints)

  • The Watcher (Le Veilleur)
  • WFAV02
  • Note: Mercenary Adventurer
  • Note: Champion (Mercenary)

Wolfen w/ Crossbow 1

  • Wolfen w/ Crossbow 1 (Arbalétrier Wolfen 1)
  • WFTR01

Wolfen w/ Crossbow 2

  • Wolfen w/ Crossbow 2 (Arbalétrier Wolfen 2)
  • WFTR02

Wolfen w/ Crossbow 3

  • Wolfen w/ Crossbow 3 (Arbalétrier Wolfen 1)
  • WFTR03

Wolfen Hunter 1

Wolfen Hunter 2

  • Wolfen Hunters 1 (Chasseur Wolfen 1)
  • WFRG04

Wolfen Hunter 3

Wolfen Hunter 4

  • Wolfen Hunters 2 (Chasseur Wolfen 2)
  • WFRG05

Wolfen Hunters 3

  • Wolfen Hunters 3 (Chasseur Wolfen 3)
  • WFRG08

Wolfen Predator 1

  • Wolfen Predator 1 w/ chain (Prédateur Wolfen 1 – chaine)
  • WFEL01

Wolfen Predator 2

  • Wolfen Predator 2 w/ blade (Prédateur Wolfen 2 – lame)
  • WFEL02

Wolfen Predator 3

  • Wolfen Predator 3 w/ great blade (Prédateur Wolfen 3 – grande lame)
  • WFEL03

Wolfen Prowler

  • Wolfen Prowler (Rôdeur Wolfen)
  • WFSP08

Wolfen Repentant 1

  • Wolfen Repentant 1 (Repeti Wolfen 1)
  • WFSP01

Wolfen Repentant 2

  • Wolfen Repentant 2 (Repeti Wolfen 2)
  • WFSP02

Wolfen Sacred Vestal

  • Wolfen Sacred Vestal (Vestale Sacrée Wolfen)
  • WFSP06

Wolfen Vestal 1

  • Wolfen Vestal 1 (Vestale Wolfen 1)
  • WFSP05

Wolfen Warriors 3

  • Wolfen Warriors 3 (Guerrier Wolfen 3)
  • WFRG03

  • Wolfen Warriors 4 (Guerrier Wolfen 4)
  • WFRG06

Wolfen Warriors: Fangs of the Moon-goddess

  • Wolfen Warriors: The Fangs of the Moon-goddess (Les Crocs de la Déesse-lune)
  • WFRAG1
  • Note: Includes an alternative Great Fang profile for one character

The sounds of the forest go silent when Yllia illuminates the night sky.  Then the Wolfen’s howls can be heard, letting their prey know that the hunt has begun.  The Fangs of the Moon-goddess ensure that the law of nature is respected, namely the survival of the fittest.

Worg of the Waning Moon

  • Worg of the Waning Moon (Lune décroissante)
  • WFBO02

Worg of the Waxing Moon

  • Worg of the Waxing Moon (Lune croissante)
  • WFBO03

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