Ophidian Alliance


This is a work in progress…

Apostate of Darkness

  • Apostate of Darkness (apostat des tenebres)
  • OPVC01
  • Note: mail-order exclusive

Apostates of Darkness

  • Apostates of Darkness (Les Apostats des tenebres)
  • OPBO01


  • Ayane
  • OPCH02
  • Note: ophidian slave
  • Note: S’Érum’s slave
  • 2005 (November)


  • Bregan, Apostate of Darkness (Bregan, apostat des tenebres)
  • OPCH03

Ophidian Archer

  • Ophidian Archer (archer ophidian)
  • OPTR01

Ophidian Asps

  • Ophidian Asps (aspics ophidiens)
  • OPSP01

Ophidian Slaves

  • Ophidian Slaves (esclaves ophidiens)
  • OPRG01
  • 2005 (October)

Ophidian Syhe

  • Ophidian Syhe (syhes ophidiens)
  • OPRG02

Ophidian Vortiran

  • Ophidian Vortiran (vortiran ophidian)
  • OPEL01

Ophidian Warrior

  • Ophidian Warrior (guerrier ophidien)
  • OPVE01
  • 2006 (April)


  • S’Érum, Ophidian Sydion (S’Érum, sydion ophidian)
  • OPROM01
  • OPCH01


  • S’Ygma
  • OPMA01
  • 2006 (September)

This is a work in progress…

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  1. Under the Mountain

    Thanks for the “bump.” Things have slowed down on this project, because I’m swamped with other things at the moment.

    Shortly after starting this, I switched to using only images distributed by Rackham to their retailers. I’ll have to replace nearly all the images for the faction lists at the top when I make revisions. I have nearly everything, but there are some Rackham never made available in digital format and variants that I don’t like. For the most part, however, everything will be studio-released images. I won’t use Zinndex images for this reason.

  2. Man I want that far left apostate like you don’t know

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