Kelts of the Drune Clan

To the northeast of the plains of Avagddu, at the heart of the forest of Caer Maed, lives a clan that is feared by all.

A very long time ago all Kelts were united. Alas, Cernunnos, the High King of Kel-An-Tiraidh, one day became the victim of divine machinations and left for other horizons. His people split in two: those who wished for peace remained faithful to Danu and became the Sessairs. The others shunned the names of the gods and also left in search of the only true king of the human tribes. Thus was born the terrifying clan of the Drunes.

Having found refuge in their troglodytic city of Drun Aeryfh, the Drunes have an unfailing determination. They will know neither rest nor hope as long as they haven’t found Cernunnos again and haven’t drowned the gods in the blood of their hounds.

The Kelts of the Drune clan are allied with the living-dead of Acheron, the dwarves of Mid-Nor and the Devourers of Vile-Tis.

  • Ardokath the Watchful-One (Ardokath, Calui-qui-veille)
  • DRFI01


  • Balkrôn, formor champion (Balkrôn, champion formor)
  • DRCH04

Corwyn the Hunchback

  • Corwyn the Hunchback (Corwyn le Bossu)
  • DRMA01
  • Note: champion (initiate)


  • Damralh, drune wyrd (Damralh, Wyrd Drune)
  • DRMA02

Drune Archers

  • Drune Archers (Archer Drunes)
  • DRTR01

Drune Minotaur

  • Drune Minotaur (Minotaure Drune)
  • DRCR02

Drune Wraiths

  • Drune Wraiths (Mânes Drunes)
  • DRRG01

Feylhin the Savage

  • Feylhin the Savage (Feylhin la Sauvage)
  • DRCH02
  • Note: Lanyfh champion

Formor Fiends 1

  • Formor Fiends 1 (Séides Formors 1)
  • DREL01

Formor Fiends 2

  • Formor Fiends 2 (Séides Formors 2)
  • DREL02

Gwahyr the Merciless

  • Gwahyr the Merciless (Gwahry l’Impitoyable)
  • DRCH01
  • Note: persecutor champion


  • Gwernydd
  • DRFI03
  • Note: Drune faithful
  • Note: limited edition

Horned Raiders

  • Horned Raiders (Pillards Cornus)
  • DRBO01

Hound of Scatach

  • Hound of Scatach (Chien de Scatach)
  • DRCR01

Karnaghs 1

  • Karnaghs 1 (Karnaghs Drunes 1)
  • DREL03

Karnaghs 2

  • Karnaghs 2 (Karnaghs Drunes 2)
  • DREL04

Lanyfh of the Black Woods

  • Lanyfh of the Black Woods (Lanyfh de Boirs Noirs)
  • DRVC02
  • Note: mail-order exclusive

Lanyfhs of the Black Woods 1

  • Lanyfhs of the Black Woods 1 (Lanyfhs des Bois Noirs 1)
  • DRSP01

Lanyfhs of the Black Woods 2

  • Lanyfhs of the Black Woods 2 (Lanyfhs des Bois Noirs 2)
  • DRSP02

Morgwen the Bloody

  • Morgwen the Bloody (Morgwen l’Ensanglantée)
  • DRCH03
  • Note: Lanyfh champion


  • Persecutor (Persécuteur Drune)
  • DRVC01
  • Note: mail-order exclusive


  • Persecutors (Persécuteurs Drunes)
  • DRVE01

Red Karnagh

  • Red Karnaghs (Karnaghs Rouges)
  • DREL05

Soul Snatcher

  • Soul Snatcher (Mangeur d’Âmes)
  • DRGM01
  • Note: warrior mage

Wandyr the Bloodthirsty

  • Wandyr the Bloodthirsty (Wandyr le Sanguinaire)
  • DRHE01
  • Note: Karnagh champion


  • War-Staff (État-Major de Caer Maed)
  • DREM01

Musician (Musicien)


Brentyr the Enslaver (Brentyr l’Esclavagiste)


Standard-bearer (Porte-étendard)


Warriors of Caer-Maed

  • Warriors of Caer-Maed (Guerriers de Caer-Maed)
  • DRRAG1

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