Air Elemental

  • Air Elemental (Élémentaire d’Air)
  • Code: ELAR01
  • Publication: 2006 (January)

Angels of Light

  • Angels of Light
  • Code: ELLU03
  • Publication: 2007 (July)

The enemy has more troops than we have. Fortunately, we can count of the mobility of ours to compensate for the handicap.

Both generals gazed at each other over the map covered with black markers.

The pulsars will outflank the enemy on the right. They are a swift as riders, but have the advantage not being made of flesh and blood. We can rely on them to charge the Cerberuses without fear. In the meanwhile, the angels of Light summoned by our priests shall fall upon the zombies from the heavens above. They will connect with the paladins and heal them if necessary.

Well, we all seem to agree on this plan. Today shall not be day Kaïber falls!

“When Light Strikes Back.”  Cry Havoc Online 30, (12 April 2007).

Darkness Elemental

  • Darkness Elemental (Élémentaire de Ténèbres)
  • Code: ELTN01
  • Publication: 2004 (February)

Earth Elemental

  • Earth Elemental (Élémentaire de Terre)
  • Code: ELTR01
  • Publication:

Fire Elemental

  • Fire Elemental (Élémentaire de Feu)
  • Code: ELFE01
  • Publication:

Ira Tenebræ

  • Ira Tenebræ (Ira Tenebræ)
  • Code: ELTN02
  • Publication: 2004 (November)


Molochs box set

  • Molochs (Les Molochs)
  • Code: TNBO01
  • Publication: 2007 (July)

How dare this miserable demon keep me waiting!

Sophet Drahas’ fist violently slammed against his throne´s armrest. The souls held captive inside it squirmed in pain.

He had been awaiting the moloch’s arrival for several days now. The delay of the tenebrous creature infuriated the liche.

Suddenly time seemed to freeze. An imposing winged silhouette stepped out from the shadows and bowed almost imperceptibly before the necromancer.

Your prayers have been heard, I am here to assist you. Command and I shall obey, but bear in mind that I do what I am only willing to do.

The spite in the demon’s tone could not be mistaken by the King of ashes, but the help of this ally was far too precious to risk losing.

“Dark Alliance.”  Cry Havoc Online 29, (4 April 2007).

Succubus 1

  • Succubus 1
  • Code: TNGM01
  • Publication: 2007 (October)

The sight of her curves would have made any man feel weak.
With a simple gaze, she could set fire to the heart of even the most fervent inquisitor of Merin. That night, it was him she had picked. She had cut straight through the crowd, straight at him, sending his senses capsizing.
He had blindly followed her through the grimy backstreets of the lower city. He would have followed her to Hell; the succubus was taking him to the Hell-spat…

“Hazardous Seduction.”  Cry Havoc Online 40, (20 June 2007).

Succubus 2

  • Succubus 2
  • Code: TNGM01
  • Publication: 2007 (October)

“The appearance of these creatures is undeniably alluring to the commoner, yet one must fear them like the plague. The demons called succubi are not only enthralling, they are also wicked beyond imagination and they will use every bit of cunning they have to achieve their goal.
Their ability to fly added to their fighting skills would be enough to convince anyone of the danger these minions of Darkness represent. But their great force is invisible to the eye: the succubi are also accomplished magicians whose skills are particularly deadly to individuals of the male gender who they render totally unable to fight.

Thus, I strongly recommend that they should be systematically hunted down and eliminated. Moreover, I require that individuals holding capital information concerning the crusades be assigned to the close protection of exorcists licensed to destroy such impious creatures.”

–Eschelius’ report to the great Inquisitor.

“The Succubi.”  Cry Havoc Online 48, (17 August 2007).

Sylvan Animae

  • Sylvan Animaes (Animae Sylvestres)
  • Code: ELDE01
  • Publication: 2005 (July)

Unicorn & Emissary of Light

Unicorn & Emissary of Light box set

  • Unicorn and Emissary of Light (Licorne & Emissaire de la Lumiere)
  • Code: LUBO01
  • Publication: 2007 (October)

Hear ye, the youthful and the brave, of the coming of the emissary:

“I speak of times of sorrow and scorn.
Times of trouble in the fabulous barony.
Whilst the Lion roared and reared in agony,
A Messenger came forth, riding the Unicorn

The one horn of the charger glistened bright.
Its coat fair and pure as breaking dawn.
Before its hooves, shadow was gone,
For this was the mount of the Emissary of light.

To the barons, it gave wisdom divine.
No knight could ever challenge its design.
Its coming and guidance man glorified.

Against Darkness at once they readied to fight.
Whilst the determined marched to meet the fiend,
The ivory beast left as time was finally right.”

“The Rhyme of the Unicorn.”  Cry Havoc Online 43, (July 2007).

Water Elemental

  • Water Elemental (Élémentaire de l’Eau)
  • Code: ELEA01
  • Publication: 2007 (June)

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