Daïkinee Elves




  • Daïkinee archer
  • DAVC0101
  • 2006 (July)
  • Note: mail-order exclusive


Daïkinee archers (2006)

  • Daïkinee archers
  • DATR01
  • 2006 (October)


Dream Warrior (2007)

  • Dream Warrior
  • DAGM01
  • 2007 (June)


Eryhl’s familiar

  • Eryhl and scarab familiar
  • Note: CORD exclusive

Guardians (2007)


  • Guardians
  • DARG01
  • 2007 (April)


  • Irul, tribal chief
  • DAVC-02-01
  • Note: mail-order exclusive

Kaëliss the Silent

  • Kaëliss the Silent (Kaëliss le Silencieux)
  • Note: multi-part version included with the Clan Wolfen: The Howling Pack box set; a single-piece version was included with the Starter Paint Set 1.

Kurujai (2007)


  • Kurujai, Daïkinee archer
  • DACH05
  • 2007 (August)

Mandigorn Warrior (2006)


  • Mandigorn Warrior
  • DACR01
  • 2006 (November)

Maneos (2006)


  • Maneos, Scarab Warrior
  • DACH03
  • 2006 (November)

Meari the Protector (2006)


  • Meari the Protector
  • DAFI01
  • 2006 (December)

Musician (2007)


  • Musician
  • DAMU01
  • 2007 (September)

Numae (2007)


  • Numae
  • DACH06
  • 2007 (September)

Onental the Smuggler (2007)


  • Onental the Smuggler
  • DACH04
  • 2007 (February)

Scarab warriors (2006)


  • Scarab warriors
  • DAEL01
  • 2006 (October)

Shaenra (2006)


  • Shaenra, Daïkinee sentry
  • DAMA01
  • 2006 (October)

Standard bearer (2007)


  • Standard bearer
  • DAPE01
  • 2007 (September)

Sylph (2007)


  • Sylph
  • DASP01
  • 2007 (February)

Zephyrs (2007)


  • Zephyrs
  • DASP02
  • 2007 (May)

10 responses to “Daïkinee Elves

  1. Steven Van de Perre

    Are there any miniatures obtainable via this site? I’m looking for some rare mini’s; Irul DAVC-02-01, Kaëliss the Silent, Eryhl and scarab familiar, Daïkinee archer DAVC0101, Mail order Griffin Seneschal.
    Thanx in advance.

    • Hi, Steven. And thanks for your interest in this site. To answer your question, no, I’m not selling any miniatures here. However, you can register with the Dragon Painting Web site and post a list of your desired miniatures there. We’re all devotees of the Rackham of old, have vast collections, and are eager to help members when we can.

  2. Steven Van de Perre

    Thank you for replying. I’m sure to check out the Dragon Painting Website, in any case, I found a good reference. Loads of appreciation. cya.

  3. I recently purchased the Daikinee archer and Kaelyss from Ludikbazar. com (they have a lot of Rachkham’s old stock)
    You might want to check it out too.

    • Thanks, Dave. I got everything I needed from Ludik a few months ago. It was a great sale, and I hear they have little left now.

  4. Just wanted to say how useful this article is, I recently picked up the Mandigorn warriors as I still find them a unique figure.

    But after reding and looking at this photos, I could not help but buy more of the Daikinee.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are the figures listed here all that were produced?

    • Glad you found it useful. I’ll be continuing this project very soon, so stay tuned for more. Also, once I go through the catalog once, I’ll go through again to fix some errors, add some models, and streamline the format.

      As to your question, these are indeed all of the Daïkinee models that were commercially available, except the Kaëliss the Silent variant, which came in the first paint set. That Kaëliss is a single piece model with the bow in a fixed position, whereas the one here is from the Wolfen clan box set and cam in two pieces.

      Rackham produced some extremely limited casts of some models that never made it beyond the studio walls. Some of the they intended to produce, but never did (for whatever reason). The ones that come to mind right now are all Cadwallon models, and there are about five or so. If you download the 2005 and 2006 catalogs from this site, you should be able to find which ones I’m talking about.

  5. Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this. I took a scan of the card for the single-piece Kaeliss the Silent and posted it to my Photobucket account here:


    Feel free to use the image, I’ll try to get a sharper one for you.

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