Hybrid Rules

Strain SI-ep23 Viral English for Hybrid and Nemesis

NOTE: The rewritten Hybrid rules, “Strain SI-ep23 Viral,” are the work of Steve Rogers (epilgrim), and were originally published and maintained (updated and refined based on feedback) on Rackham Miniature’s English forum (now defunct).  The PDF available here is a compilation of the rules as they appeared on the forum, and have not been altered in any way, except to include them all in one downloadable file.

You can find out more about “Strain SI-ep23 Viral” in this thread dedicated to the topic on Board Game Geek.

2 responses to “Hybrid Rules

  1. First, I love what you’re doing with this website. Truly a labor of love, and it’s really appreciated.

    Second… Maybe I’m just too stupid, but I can’t get that link to work. It keeps opening up acrobat, but doing nothing else. Ideas?

    • Under the Mountain

      I’m glad to hear you’re finding the site useful.

      I just checked and it worked for me. The link should take you to the Adobe site and pull the file up in your browser. I’d be happy to send you a copy via email, if you like. Drop me an email at the address on the DOSSIER page.

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