C3 Cards

Alchemists of Dirz


Dogs of War (Mercenaries)

Cynwäll Elves

Daïkinee Elves

Devourers of Vile-Tis

Dwarves of Mid-Nor

Dwarves of Tir-Nâ-Bor


Goblins of No-Dan-Kar
Goblins of the Ûraken Clan
Ströhm Corps

Griffins of Akkylannia

Kelts of the Drune Clan

Kelts of the Sessairs Clan

Limbo of Acheron

Lions of Alahan

Ophidian Alliance

Orcs of Bran-Ô-Kor
Orcs of the Behemoth

Wolfen of Yllia

28 responses to “C3 Cards

  1. Thanks, great resource and a fantastic site! Just to let you know though, the links for the Devourer cards are back to front (i.e.French link = English cards and vice versa).

  2. Just thanks to you man ! I was desperated to never find this files !

  3. Thanks for putting the cards together with each miniature. You have no idea how much time you have saved me trying to figure out which cards go with each miniature.

  4. Thanks for the fantastic resource. The Daikinee links suffer from the same error as the Devourers mentioned above did. French links to UK and vice-versa.

    • Under the Mountain

      Thanks, johnnyhawkwind. I’m on it!

      P.S. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I hope you saw the message about my computer on the main page. Up and running now (finally!).

  5. In reviewing the Daikinee cards, I noticed the absence of cards for Meari the Protector and the Scarab Warriors.

    • Under the Mountain

      Thanks for letting me know. These card packs are available here in the same format that Rackham made them available on their site a few years ago. I’ve added nothing to the files. It’s very likely that those cards/models came out after R put together the zip files, or simply forgot to include them.

  6. Great page and I am so glad you are keeping it up. You are doing the gaming community a great service!

  7. Any chance of putting the Cadwallon english cards up if you have them?

    • Under the Mountain

      Absolutely! I’ll put them up in the morning. I’m not even sure why I never uploaded them in the first place. Thanks for pointing this out!

    • Under the Mountain

      Wait a minute: they are up! Always have been. 😉

      • Sorry, was having a bit of a blonde moment between websites, was actually meant to ask for the specific Cadwallon Card ‘Khauriks Trigger’, the ranged Ogre with shotgun. Many thanks, and great work on the site, you’ve become a real friend to my local gaming club who are only just getting into Confrontation 🙂

  8. The devourers of vile-tis cards are not working. Download stops prematurely,

    • Under the Mountain

      Let me know if that fixed it. Also, I’ve removed the images from this page, as they were too distracting.


      • Yes. it worked now, thanks.

        Just got a legit shurat the warlord so Im pretty excited lol.

  9. Under the Mountain

    And the EN and FR are flipped. True for some others. I’m going to work on this now. Try again in a few hours, and let me know the results.

  10. hi i am looking for the meteors of the aegis cards and they are not included in the zip file anybody has them? thanks in advance

    • Under the Mountain

      All of the cards I have were those available from the old Rackham site shortly after they switched to CAoR. They missed several cards when they put these ZIP files together, especially those for the newer models.

  11. oh ok… nevertheless does anybody have them?

  12. I believe I do have nearly complete archive of english (and also french) versions… Where could I sent the cards to update the files here? I have some that are missing… (for example Sylarenn from Cadwallon file).

    It will be a hell to compare and identify them as I do have them structured by names and not codes, but I could try out – easier if people will say what’s missing…

    I hope this helps 😉

  13. btw, devourers and daikinee FR – EN are still flipped

  14. please do… i need the meteors of aegis cards if you have some way to send me or at least show me the cards i would be very happy…

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