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6 responses to “ATHENÆUM

  1. hi there,

    i am looking to buy a Cynwalls: Dragon Titan of Aarklash model, if you know where i can find one that i would be very thankful.
    thank you for your time.


  2. Where is the Wolfen faction????

  3. I’ll do those next, although I was saving them for last.

    This project was on temporary hold while I gathered official Rackham images to replace some of those that I’ve already uploaded, and to make sure things are done right the first time for those to come.

    Also, I’m on the cusp of an international move, and won’t be set up again until August. This project is still on the top of my mind, however, and will get finished.

    In the meantime, watch for some new downloads in the Bibliotheca soon.

  4. ciao,sono un grande fan di confrontation mi chiedevo se sarà possibile rivedere queste miniature nei negozi cosi da poterle aquistare?

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