IMBRIAN ARTS, BD6s Dwarf and Drunks

Imbrian Arts Beer & D6s dwarf

Imbrian Arts recently published rules for a simple miniatures drinking game titled Beer & D6s and some miniatures to go with it.  I’m not much of a gamer myself, but the models were so full of character that I snatched them up immediately after their release.  (I’m also a sucker for any sculpt born from the mind and hands of Jody SIEGEL, but that goes without saying.)

Imbrian Arts Beer and D6s dwarf and drunks

The dwarf (left) and leg/torso options for the drunks

Featured here are a few models from the B&D6s range, namely the dwarf (see a close up here) and the drunks (above, below).  The castings are flawless, thanks in part to the way Jody casts these (single-part mold), and the resin is high quality.  The resin is also soft enough to be forgiving of minor twists and bends, so they should be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of a gaming table, should that be how you intend to use them.

Imbrian Arts Beer & D6s drunks' heads

Head options for the BD6s drunks by Imbrian Arts

On another note, for those of you who may not have noticed, this is the reintroduction of my grid backdrop, which I traditionally used to present photos of miniatures straight from the box for review purposes.  Expect to see more of such photos in the future.  What I feature will probably be pretty random at first, but I’ll try to work out a schedule of sorts in the coming months.  For the time being, I hope these photos help some of you with making a decision about these miniatures, introduce you to something new, or even just resolve some lingering questions you may have had about the models.

2 responses to “IMBRIAN ARTS, BD6s Dwarf and Drunks

  1. Demihuman

    Awesome! Just picked them all up! Nice to see your e-mails again 🙂

    • Under the Mountain

      Thank you for the support. It’s great to be back!

      And enjoy the models. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, too. Cheers!