MINIATURE MENTOR, Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures

Photographing miniatures has always been a major challenge for me.  I have all the right equipment, but my pictures have never turned out quite right.  I’ve read several tutorials on still photography, some even devoted specifically to  miniatures, and the results have always been unsatisfactory to some degree or another.  Then Miniature Mentor released their latest video, The Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures, and I was saved:

Miniature Mentor is excited to bring you the Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures in over 7 hours of video!!! Join professional commercial photographer Felix Wedgwood as he guides you through all the steps necessary to create amazing photographs of your miniatures. THIS IS NOT A BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL – plenty of those on the net.

NO LIGHT TENTS WERE USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS TUTORIAL!!! We didn’t take the easy way out here – you’ll learn the true art of photography and lighting.This tutorial focuses solely on miniatures and the obstacles of shooting/lighting tiny objects. You’ll learn about lights and lighting, diffraction, depth of field, sensor size, lens resolution, light fall-off and more.

This tutorial is designed for any and all budgets. It is not neccessary to upgrade your existing equipment. The tutorial’s main focus is how to properly light your photographs and how to setup your photo station.

$25 well spent.  Don’t believe me?  I shot these after watching the video, and they are miles ahead of my earlier attempts.  I’m predicting even better results once I get the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport.  If you’re serious about miniature photography, I can’t recommend this video enough.

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