Hydra Miniatures recently posted an update on their website that included a preview of this fantastic model.  Mechanika, Queen of the Robot Legion was sculpted by John Winter, and will be a part of Hydra’s Retro Raygun line of miniatures.  Be sure to visit their website to read more about what they have planned for the coming months.

I’m a huge fan of Hydra (proof!).  Not just Hydra, but other companies devoted to making simple, quality, well-conceived models.  I’m thinking specifically of companies like Artizan, Pulp Figures, Copplestone Castings, TinMan Miniatures, etc.  My equal appreciation for Rackham models, which are fiddly and filled with copious detail, and the likes of Hydra’s wares has been difficult for me to reconcile in discussions I’ve had on the matter, but so be it.  When this model is released, my Hydra collection will grow a little more.



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