AARKLASH ARCHIVE, Goblins of the Ûraken Clan

The third (of five) high-resolution Confrontation images is now available here.

7 responses to “AARKLASH ARCHIVE, Goblins of the Ûraken Clan

  1. Man you’re killing me with these!

    The anticipation for the final two!!!

  2. Christer E

    Wonderful stuff.

  3. Under the Mountain

    Glad you guys appreciate this.

    Did you notice how much Rackham PhotoShopped their armies? There are duplicates of the same model all over the place. Still looks beautiful, I think.

    • I did but as it was better than GW’s job I was still happy! (have friends who still don’t believe me that GW uses Photoshop I mean please)

  4. Under the Mountain

    Link fixed.

  5. Thank you for these!