REVIEW, Predastore’s Spear Hunter

I’m pretty excited about this post.  Not only does it signal the return of the blue, ruled backdrop that I used for the comparison photos and review articles that helped establish Under the Mountain a few years ago; it’s also on a miniature based in a world I’ve had an interest in since my youth, the predator universe.

Predastore’s limited-edition Spear Hunter (38mm to the top of the head) was sculpted by Rémy Tremblay, one of the most talented sculptors in this industry.   The muscle mass and definition of Rémy’s sculpt suggest a character that is both powerful and lithe, the ideal combination for a hunter that relies largely on physical prowess for pursuing and subduing game.  This is also reflected in the minimal pieces of weaponry and armor, both of which have the perfect degree of detail and wear.  As noted in a Dawn of the Lead article on this model, however, one of the most impressive elements of this model is the netting on the torso.  The attention and care Rémy brought to this sculpt really shine with the netting, which lends this model the right amount of pop.

The Spear Hunter is a successful combination of detail and pose that coalesce to evoke the alien hunters from the first and second films.  The pose, for example, harkens back to the scene in Predator 2 where the alien hunter, after preparing his latest trophy for display, stands atop a skyscraper, raises his spear above his head, and lets out a cry to celebrate his triumph.  And the helmet, netting, and bird skull are obvious references to the alien in the first film.

The cast is a clean render of Rémy’s sculpt, although a small amount of cleaning and prepping will be required (as expected with any resin model).  I’m not sure where this was cast, however; and since I haven’t assembled my model yet, can’t comment in detail on the nature of the resin (that will come later).  For now I can only say that the resin seems to be of high quality.

I have just two critiques about this model.  First, it didn’t come with a base.  I realize this is rather trivial, since anyone who’s been in this hobby long enough likely has a small drawer stuffed with spare bases or will opt to feature the model on a plinth.  That being said, its absence is noticeable.

My second critique is about the head.  Two things don’t seem quite right to me: the dreadlocks and the size of the cranium.  The locks flow too more like hair; and unlike that of the aliens in the films, which are fuller, weightier, and fall straight down, the locks on this model appear to curl under slightly.

The skull is definitely smaller on this model than those of the film aliens.  In the DotL article, the reviewer noted that this model seems a little too thin for a predator.  I disagree, and think this is an optical illusion caused by the more human-sized cranium.

These two very minor issues aside, I’m more than happy with this model.  In my opinion, it’s by far one of the best not-predator models available, and I encourage anyone with an interest in the universe to pick one up while they can (they are limited, after all).  The model is currently available from the Predatore website for about $21.00 US (includes worldwide airmail shipping).

NOTE: For a second opinion on this model, be sure to check out Dawn of the Lead’s review article, which also features the variety of not-predator models currently available from Heresy (Hurn Headtaker), Copplestone Castings (Hunter Aliens), Ainsty (INAPs), and more from Predastore (Bone-Hunter).

4 responses to “REVIEW, Predastore’s Spear Hunter

  1. Mikko Meriläinen

    A good, in-depth review. You may be right about the optical illusion. Of course it might also stem from comparing the model to the Hürn. Thanks for the reference to my site as well!

    • Under the Mountain

      No problem about the reference. Yours was a great review, so much so that I found it hard not to repeat what you’d already written (that was unavoidable, however, since we largely agree about the model).

      I never thought about the comparison with the Hurn. Good catch.

      I just realized that one avenue Predastore might want to pursue with future releases is head options. It’s not impossible, and would certainly add to the appeal of the models.

      Cheers, Mikko!

  2. Great review! Don’t own a copy, so can’t verify or give yet another opinion. The sculpt is great, even with the slight deviations, but that can be put to artistic license.

    The netting is insane! Looks like it needs a bit of fixing on his back, but on the front its perfect. The pose is reserved, but not boring in the least. Pretty sure we will see some great paintjobs on these 🙂

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