RED BOX GAMES, Celebrating Four Years

Kyrie Brighthelm

Tre Manor of Red Box Games has announced a great sale in honor of their fourth year of business:

Well Guys, we have made it 4 years. I think that officially means I have beaten the odds that most companies fold within the first 3 years or is it 5? Ah well who cares. On with the savings. I am currently running a sale in which EVERYTHING is discounted down by $2.00. Yes that is right two full dollars. The sale starts today, Monday the 1st of August, and runs to next Monday the 8th of August ending at midnight that night.

This is a great opportunity to support one of the great talents in the industry and pick up some amazing models.  I highly recommend RBG’s latest releases, some of which are featured in this post.

Boneback Multipack C

Brynjar Bondi

Greater Infernal Horror

Gregor the Crooked

Sverreulf the Red-Handed

2 responses to “RED BOX GAMES, Celebrating Four Years

  1. 🙂 Thanks man! 😀

  2. They’re beautiful figures! I’ve got the first Multipack of the Bonebacks and a couple of the personalities. It’s the way goblins should look!